Safe and efficient medical document system: less clicking, better service.

AipalCare is a Practice Management, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Insurance Billing System powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

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AipalCare Valued Features


Start your own telehealth from your home office. AipalCare offers an all in one, seamless and streamlined solution to your scheduling, clinical documentation and insurance billing for Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy. .


Keep your schedule organized whether you have several clinic locations and hundreds of therapists or just one small private practice. AipalCare offers secure patient login to access their own medical records, schedule, reschedule and view upcoming appointments.

Clinical Documentation

Click on the patient scheduled appointment to create or view therapy plan and begin a new session or progress note. AipalCare offers quick and user-friendly access to ICD-10 codes for diagnoses and CPT codes for billing.

Data Security

Rest assured that all AipalCare data is safely stored in our HIPPA compliant Cloud. All data is encrypted such that even if there were to be a system breach, data would not be understandable.

HIPPA Compliant Cloud

AipalCare uses a HIPPA Compliant Cloud in order to ensure the safety of medical data. Only assigned medical providers and billing professionals will access medical information.

Customizable Experience

The system is customizable by preference and artificial intelligence (AI) Clinicians/ companies may choose the layout, color scheme and even upload their own logo. More importantly, our AI system learns from individual user use in order to offer preferred options first and provide the most modern and user friendly experience.